Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Born into Brothels- what we take for granted

"In Calcutta's red light district appear a group of unforgettable children. Feisty, courageous and wickedly funny, these children of prostitutes embark on a transformational journey with photographer Zana Briski, who teaches them to photograph their own lives- The film is an example of one individual's ability to make a difference. "

While walking the 44 streets home after sunday brunch with some friends Suzanne says, oh my god, "Born Into Brothels" lets go see when it plays. With the movie starting in 10 minutes we knew it was part of life's little scavenger hunt.

The film was amazing. I think I appreciate it more today, than yesterday. Yesterday it was so unreal- I wasn't able to fathom the magnitude and severity of the issue. Today all I can think of is how selfish the majority of people act. Here we are- with everything we need in the world- yet we are down about this, complaining about that...taking life for granted.

It is time to reflect on life and the difference we want to make in the world. Check out Kids with Cameras, they have projects in Calcutta, Haiti, Jerusalem and Cairo.

Stray from Hollywood and watch a documentary that will impact your life- a documentary that empowers children through cameras.

There are so many amazing organizations and people working to change the world. Check out Students of the World, an AIESEC alum from Michigan, George, volunteers his time to increase global awareness.

Stay tuned for Walk on Water


At 7:22 AM, Blogger Devrim said...

This is really amazing; one of my close friends told me about Kids with Cameras last month. It's hard to comprehend such things; I hope more people do and I hope it breaks their hearts like it did mine.

Sometimes we take too much for granted indeed. Thanks for posting this and making more people aware. :)


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